How to Apply Stops the Sting

Posted by Michael McGinnis on 18th Aug 2020

How to Apply Stops the Sting

How to Apply Stops the Sting

We've had a few folks contact us, or post questions about using Stops the Sting. I thought I'd put down this short guide on how to use/apply Stops the Sting to make sure everyone got the most out of our product.

Easy as 1-2-3...

To use Stops the Sting, simply:

  1. Remove the stinger. You can use a credit card or the like to scrape the stinger free. If left in the skin, a stinger will continue to "leak" venom into the area and work against Stops the Sting. In fact, even if you don't immediately have Stops the Sting to hand (shame on you!), this step is a good idea!
  2. Cover the bite or sting. (With Stops the Sting, silly.)
  3. Do NOT rub! Just let it sit and in a few minutes you should start to feel less itching, burning, pain, etc.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind...

Stops the Sting Properly Mixed

Water Stops the Sting

Stops the Sting is a very easy product to use, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. The ointment should be just that, an ointment. Over time, Stops the Sting may separate in the tube. If that's the case:
  2. Simply knead the tube to remix (a fancy way of sayin', pinch it between your fingers). If it's still watery, just keep at it for a bit longer. Maybe sing the ABC song a couple of times. If it's watery, Stops the Sting will be less effective.
  3. Cover the bite or sting and do NOT rub it in. This can cause the venom to spread and make Stops the Sting less effective.
Just so we're clear...don't make Stops the Sting less effective!

Whelp! That about covers it. Thanks to everyone who's tried Stops the Sting. We truly appreciate it! If you haven't (and you know who you are), please be sure to pick up a tube or three! :-)

~ Mike and the Sting Stopper Team