Mike's Remedies in Motion
Many folks have taken sting challenges and honestly, what could be more fun than watching someone stick their hand in a fire ant mound? Of course you'll also find outdoor tips and tricks, visits with folks, and just some all around neat information. But c' ants!

Mike's not just the owner of Stops the Sting, he's also a customer! :-)

Easiest Way to Build a Campfire.

How to Apply Stops the Sting!

Tips on Finding Tinder for Your Fire.
How Do Bees Make Honey?
How Many S'more Would You Like?
Wet Lighter? No Problem!
A Visit with Bee & Bloom
The Five Most Important Things to Bring on a Hike

Christmas Stocking Sting Stuffer

Hiking Tip - Rule of  Three

As Seen On TV
Don’t just take our word for it. See and hear what others have to say!
From Good Morning America to Bedillion’s Market, Stops the Stings works time and time again.
Fisherman: Sam Root
The best time to fish is sunrise and sunset, but the fish aren’t the only things biting at that time. Find out how Sam protects himself from bug bites and gets back to relaxing.