Our Story

Ever wonder what the story is behind Mountain Mike’s Remedies? It’s a great story. Our founder and inventor, Mike, was living in Tennessee when he realized his family bug ointment formula could bring relief to folks who love the outdoors, but hate those annoying bug bites! He did his homework and put his family recipe in a tube and called it Stops the Sting. He knew he needed help to get his formula out to the people so, he rounded up a group of folks who are passionate about spreading relief from all of those aggravating bug bites and bee stings. Meet Mike’s team of sting stoppers.
Michael McGinnis

Michael McGinnis is the President of MASS Management, LLC. By day, he’s responsible for managing a “herd of cats”. These “cats” (sounds jazzy, doesn’t it?) offer Mountain Mike’s Remedies and Rust Patrol products for your enjoyment. By night, he cooks, drives the family taxi, and reads other people’s bios.
Emerson McGinnis
Marketing Guru

Emerson McGinnis is a teenager and therefore has a solid grasp of online marketing – like any person her age. She helps to create and post content on the Mountain Mikes Remedies media pages, as well as helping with dinner when the President has to work late. In addition to her small part at Mountain Mike’s, she is currently enrolled at Case Western Reserve University majoring in English and Psychology, and therefore, she’s super qualified to work as a marketing advisor.
Kyle Miller
Videographer + Photographer

Kyle Miller is the Owner and Creative Director at Timber Reel Productions, a Portland, OR based production company. Timber Reel produces consistent, purposeful photo and video content that represents a company’s goals and target audience. The content produced consists of commercials, photography, scripts, informative and social videos, animations, and much more. Along with his love for photography and videography, Kyle enjoys hiking, camping, rock climbing, travelling, cats, and exploring nature.

Daina Penn
Print + Packaging Designer

Daina grew up in Longmont, CO and has worked in the Denver area for over 25 years as a graphic designer and design consultant. Along with her passion for design, she loves music, cooking, travelling to other countries and hanging out with friends and family. Her love for package design comes out when she visits foreign markets! She could literally stand there for hours, looking at the different packages, designs, fonts, and colors.

Sarah Spoelstra
Web + Digital Designer

Sarah Spoelstra grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota, located on the outskirts of the Black Hills, estimated population of 61,459. While growing up there, she discovered her passion for the outdoors, ATVing, arts, crafts, and photography. She credits her folks with instilling her with a strong mid-western work ethic and ability and desire to do and create things. She’s studied photography, graphic design and web design. She has worked for the likes of Pumpkin Masters, Scott’s Liquid Gold and Sashco Inc.

Graham Smith

Graham Smith is a “Camera Guy”, Cook and Maintenance Director for Lisa Smith Farms. Between chasing baby skunks off, and stirring up some Panang Curry, Graham likes to shoot pictures for his Infrared Fine Art Collection called “The Invisible Light Project”. Graham comes from the world of Broadcast and Film and has worked with everyone from Dan Rather to Willy Nelson. Having spent most of his life on a farm, Graham has lots of first-hand experience with wasps and yellow jackets. He is a frequent user of “Stops the Sting” …

Check out Graham’s work at: grahamsmithphotography.net
Our Passion
Everyone has a passion in life. Ours is keeping you outside doing what you love. Whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing or just enjoying a backyard picnic, we want to keep those pesky bug bites and bee stings from ruining your day. Just a small dab of Stops the Sting ointment applied to the bite area will stop that sting and itch and keep you enjoying the great outdoors.

If you currently use Stops the Sting, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If you haven’t used it yet, we’d like to encourage you to give it a try. Stops the Sting is the perfect solution for those irritating bites and stings. Next time that mosquito decides to make you his next victim, just apply a dab of Stops the Sting directly on the bite area. See for yourself how Stops the Sting takes away that annoying itch. It’s as simple as that. Easy peasy, right?

Thank all y’all for stopping by. Now get outside and enjoy the day!

~ Mike & the Sting Stopper Team