The Story Behind Mountain Mike’s Remedies

Posted by Mike McGinnis on 27th Aug 2019

The Story Behind Mountain Mike’s Remedies

Who’s behind Stops the Sting? Read on to learn more about the company and the folks behind our great sting ointment!

Howdy Folks,

Ever wonder what the story is behind Mountain Mike’s Remedies? It’s a great story. Our founder and inventor, Mike, was living in Tennessee when he realized his family bug ointment formula could bring relief to folks who love the outdoors, but hate those annoying bug bites! He did his homework and put his family recipe in a tube and called it Stops the Sting.

He knew he needed help to get his formula out to the people. He rounded up a group of folks who are passionate about spreading relief from all of those aggravating bug bites and bee stings. Meet Mike’s team of sting stoppers.

The Sting Stopper Team

Mike Fultz is the fearless inventor of Stops the Sting. Daina is the head or marketing and our fantastic graphic designer. Graham and Kyle take beautiful pictures for us, Sarah is our website guru. Emerson is a great writer and picture taker as well. Ms. Paula (what would we do without you?!) is the office manager and all-around “Get’er Done’er”. Dave and Mike M. run operations and sales.

Together—we manufacture Stops the Sting in Somerville, TN, box it up, and send it to you from our warehouse in Fort Mill, SC.

Our Passion

Everyone has a passion in life. Ours is keeping you outside doing what you love. Whether, you’re camping, hiking, fishing or just enjoying a backyard picnic, we want to keep those pesky bug bites and bee stings from ruining your day. Just a small dab of Stops the Sting ointment applied to the bite area will stop that sting and itch and keep you enjoying the great outdoors.

If you currently use Stops the Sting, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If you haven’t used it yet, we’d like to encourage you to give it a try. Stops the Sting is the perfect solution for those irritating bites and stings. Next time that mosquito decides to make you his next victim, just apply a dab of Stops the Sting directly on the bite area. See for yourself how Stops the Sting takes away that annoying itch. It’s as simple as that. Easy peasy, right?

Thank all y’all for stopping by. Now get outside and enjoy the day!

~ Mike & the Sting Stopper Team